Our mini campsite is located in the meadow behind our farm and those looking for peace and quiet in one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands have come to the right place. From our campsite, partly under the tall fruit trees you can enjoy the view over the hilly loess grounds of the Ransdalerveld located in the South of Limburg.

Ransdaal (Limburgs: Ranzel) is a village in the Ransdalerveld, a beautiful, peaceful rural area ideal for walking, cycling and relaxing. Ransdaal has about 1000 inhabitants and is characterized by large farms built from the typical “Kundersteen”.

A landmark in the area is the parish church, which was built in 1932 by the Ransdalers themselves from “Kundersteen”, the architect was Frits Peutz. This church is dedicated to Saint Theresia, the style is neo-Gothic and modern. The tower is very un-Limburgish, with a gable roof.

Because of the beautiful village view, it is not strange that the Mergelland route also passes Ransdaal. This approximately 125 km long bicycle and car route is a household name among touring cyclists who will visit all known climbs in the Limburg hills.

The above ingredients make Ransdaal an ideal base for visits to Maastricht, Valkenburg, but also Vaals and the three-country point, Aachen, Cologne, Hasselt, Tongeren and Liège are within reach.

In the village there is a friture / brasserie, a few cafés a rustic place to eat, a fruit company with a shop for fresh fruit, a pigeon breeding center, a painting studio, a car garage and just outside the village there is a vegetable shop for fresh vegetables. Unfortunately, we no longer have a supermarket in the village, for the bakery and supermarkets you have to go to the nearby villages (Klimmen and Voerendaal) at approx. 2 km away.

Klimmen-Ransdaal station is on the Maastricht – Valkenburg – Heerlen railway line. This makes Ransdaal easily accessible by public transport. There are connections to these cities every half hour. The station is about a 10-minute walk from our campsite.